Ng Z.X. - Orchid Park Sec School
( F9 to A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
Ng Zi Xuan Photo

I always thought that Principles of Account was a very boring subject and I would not be needing it for the future. I have always scored F9 in poa exam or test because of my disinterest and I thought I will fail badly in o level. After I joined Mr Ling’s poa tuition, I realized poa was not that hard or difficult as I had presumed. Mr Ling’s explanation and notes are very detailed yet very easy to understand. Mr Ling uses real life examples to help me understand the theory and concept better. Whenever I do any poa assignment from school, I felt that the assignment is too easy as compared to Mr Ling’s homework. This gives me a little bit of confidence as now I am able to answer most of the poa questions correctly. During my prelims, I got a D7. Although I failed my poa prelim paper, I felt more confident as I understand the subject better. When I received my o-level A1 results, I was surprised as I had never gotten an A1 for poa. I am very grateful and thankful to Mr Ling for teaching and supporting me for poa. If I had never learnt or been into Mr Ling’s class, I would have failed my poa in o-level. My advice to the students taking the poa o-level is not to give up or to think that poa is a very useless subject that will not help you in the future.