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Since 1990, almost 90% of our students consistently score A1 or A2 in their GCE N & O Level Exams every year.

  • Meticulous attention will be given to EVERY student as different student may face different problems.
  • All students will be treated fairly as specially developed learning materials will be given out to all students.
    Lesson coverage will be the same for all classes (1 on 1 Class and Group Class).
  • Our ultimate commitment is to bring EVERY student to achieve our goal!

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To Parents

Did you know that:

  • your child could be suffering and struggling with POA (Principles of Accounts) now?
  • many students who didn't do well in POA started giving up on this subject in Sec 3?
  • helping your child to score DISTINCTION (A1) in POA is not that difficult, if he or she can start building their fundamentals from Sec 3?
  • as a parent, you can now rebuild your child's confidence in POA by finding him or her a responsible, experienced and caring tutor before they totally give up like many others?
  • your child may have more career options in the professional accounting industry?

To Students

Are you:

  • disappointed with your test or exam RESULTS for POA?
  • unhappy with your teacher's teaching?
  • very stressed because you could not understand the topics?
  • aware that your POA study methods may be incorrect?
  • aware that a firm foundation in POA is very essential for beginners?
  • thinking of getting a responsible, experienced and caring tutor to assist you in POA?

Proven Exam Results by Our POA Students

2018 Secondary 3 POA RESULTS

Regular Class

Above 90% Students
Scored A1 OR A2

30% Students
ObtainedTop in Level


Regular Class
100% Students scored A1

Crash Class
33.3% Students scored A1
50.0% Students scored A2


Regular Class

56.7% Students scored A1
36.6% Students scored A2
6.7% Students scored B3

Crash Class

50.0% Students scored A1
33.3% Students scored A2
16.7% Students scored B3

With almost 30 years experience in teaching POA Tuition

Subject Prize (Top in School POA) awarded to our students

We are committed to the success of our students. Our key strengths:

  • We analysed and reorganised the whole POA syllabus to make it easier to grasp.
  • We specially developed learning materials (notes and exercises) to be given to students.
  • We will mark, check through and discuss EVERY student’s class works.
  • We will conduct periodic assessments (free-of-charge) on EVERY student to ensure the correct application of knowledge learnt.
  • We will liaise with parents on the progress of the students.

Feel free to check out our track records, testimonials from our past POA students and testimonials from their parents. Do send in your enquiry or call us at +65 9050 9010 if you have any questions.

Testimonials From Our POA Students

2017-1-OL-Harold-Tan-01-1-150x131 Best POA Tuition

Mr Ling has developed my interest in POA. I only joined his class nearing the end of Sec 3. At that time, I did not understand why this is a need to learn this subject or why is this subject so difficult to study. However, after joining his class I suddenly felt POA was very easy and could be one of my best subjects. My grades in Sec 3 were F9s for POA, but within 4 months, by the time… “Harold Tan – Bartley Sec School”

Harold Tan - Bartley Sec School
( F9 to A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
2017-2-OL-Roan-Choo-150x150 Best POA Tuition

POA. Principle of accounts. It was my weakest subject in secondary 3 no matter how hard I tried, I just could not seem to find the correct ways to study POA. At the time I thought:” A pass for POA would be a miracle for me.” and that’s when I found the answer, Mr Ling’s POA tuition. Mr Ling believes in the basics, he believes that we must build a strong foundation of knowledge in order to succeed in POA… “Roan Choo – St. Patrick’s School”

Roan Choo – St. Patrick's School
( F9 to A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
2017-3-OL-Lim-Wen-Jing-01--150x136 Best POA Tuition

Dear Mr Ling, Thank you, Mr Ling for your generosity and knowledges. Before I joined Mr Ling’s POA class, I have always gotten F9 for POA. I feel demoralised and wanted to give up POA. To help with my POA, my father brought me to Mr Ling. Initially, I thought that it was impossible to pass, regardless whether I have tuition or not as my basics were very weak. However, after a few months with Mr Ling’s guidance and commitment… “Lim W.J. – Bukit Merah Sec School”

Lim W.J. – Bukit Merah Sec School
( F9 to A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
2017-4-OL-Sean-Wee-01-1-150x135 Best POA Tuition

Mr Ling was able to help me understand accounting concepts fully, while making class fun and engaging at the same time. Mr Ling also went the extra mile to show me concepts and practices that are used in the working world to further broaden my horizon so that I would be able to understand the topics better and be able to link the topics together in order to see the big picture and accounting as an entire process. Mr Ling… “Sean Wee – Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Rd)”

Sean Wee – Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Rd)
( A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
2017-5-OL-Matthew-Chua-01--150x129 Best POA Tuition

Mr Ling’s class took my grade from a F9 to an A1. I really couldn’t have done it without his help. Mr Ling’s classes are extremely interactive and interesting as he would use real life examples. This helped us understand accounting concepts much easier. His teaching method is understand and not memorise which worked wonders so no matter what the question was, I was able to do it. Not only but his notes are extremely comprehensive and if I had… “Matthew Chua – Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Rd)”

Matthew Chua - Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Rd)
( F9 to A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
2017-6-OL-Ng-Zi-Xuan-01-2-150x150 Best POA Tuition

I always thought that Principles of Account was a very boring subject and I would not be needing it for the future. I have always scored F9 in poa exam or test because of my disinterest and I thought I will fail badly in o level. After I joined Mr Ling’s poa tuition, I realized poa was not that hard or difficult as I had presumed. Mr Ling’s explanation and notes are very detailed yet very easy to understand. Mr… “Ng Z.X. – Orchid Park Sec School”

Ng Z.X. - Orchid Park Sec School
( F9 to A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
2017-7-OL-Ernest-Booi-01-1-150x133 Best POA Tuition

Before I joined Mr Ling’s POA class, I was a F9 student with a single digit score but after attending his classes. I gained a lot of confidence and managed to score an astonishing A1 for O-Levels. In Mr Ling’s class, he will provide his students with POA notes made by yours truly, making it more unique and detailed as compared to the notes given by the school. Without the help of Mr Ling and his rich knowledge of accounting,… “Ernest Booi – Orchid Park Sec School”

Ernest Booi - Orchid Park Sec School
( F9 to A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
2017-8-OL-Aakash-01-150-150x113 Best POA Tuition

The first time I entered into Mr Ling’s POA class, I was told that I was not disciplined enough to do work or follow instructions. But after a few months, I learnt to be more disciplined and was able to become better at POA. The skills that I learnt from Mr Ling is way better than at school. The lessons are very interesting and each lesson has certain meaning.

Aakash – Gan Eng Seng School
( F9 to A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
2017-9-OL-Joshuaah-Burley-0-150x131 Best POA Tuition

Mr Ling has definitely developed my perspective and understanding of POA since I joined in April 2017. I had almost give up on POA and was very close to throwing in the towel after constantly witnessing F9s for every single examination / test I sat for. After being recommended to Mr Ling by my school classmate was where things had finally started to change and I had begun to enjoy doing POA exercises and learning concepts under Mr Ling’s watchful… “Joshuaah Burley – Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Rd)”

Joshuaah Burley – Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Rd)
( F9 to A2 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
2017-10-OL-Yeo-Kai-Wen-01-1-150x130 Best POA Tuition

I started POA lessons with Mr Ling when I was in Sec 2, moving on to Sec 3. Being excited about learning a new subject. I learnt fast and managed to achieve an A1 in my Sec 3 mid-years. However, complacency got the better of me and I started to not complete my homework and even space-out during tuition lessons. As such, my grades dropped drastically and I was averaging a C6 grade up till my Prelims. Thankfully, Mr Ling… “Yeo K.W. – Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Rd)”

Yeo K.W. - Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Rd)
( A2 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )

Type of POA Tuition Class

At Best POA, we provide POA tuition for secondary school students who have chosen POA subject in secondary 3 or are preparing for upcoming examinations for their O Levels and N Levels. We tutor students in either 1-on-1 or small group classes, depending on each student's learning needs.

Small Group POA Tuition Class

Mr Edmund Ling's almost 30 years of teaching experiences has proven that small group tuition can be very efficient and effective. Over 90% of his group students scored Distinctions (A1 or A2) in GCE 'O' and 'N' Level Exams in the past years.

Besides lower tuition fees, the students are given chances to learn from and share with one another. The group tuition can become very interesting as discussions with group mates possible.

1-on-1 POA Tuition Class

We agree with some parents that certain students may need special attention and effort to improve, therefore we do provide 1-on-1 class. Please call +65 9050 9010 to find out more details.

POA Tuition Crash Courses & School Holiday Programs

If  you feel that your child requires intensive preparation for Principles of Accounts (POA) 2018 O or N-Levels Examination, check out our POA Tuition Crash Courses.

Information about Principles of Accounts Subject

An overview on POA Subject for Secondary 3, N Level and O Level

Information for GCE N-Level POA

  • Syllabus codes for GCE N-Level (NL) POA examination is 7088 and O-Level (OL) is 7175 from the year 2014.
  • The same textbook will be used across the NL and OL.
  • The foundation to be built for both NL and OL in Secondary 3 is technically the same.

Assessment Objectives for GCE N-Level POA

Students should be able to:

AO1Knowledge and Comprehension:
Identify and comprehend accounting knowledge appropriate to the syllabus.
Select and apply accounting knowledge to various accounting situations.
AO3Analysis and Synthesis
Analyse, interpret, organise and synthesise accounting information.

Information for O-Level POA

  • The syllabus code for GCE Ordinary Level is 7175 from the year 2014.
  • This POA syllabus is designed to provide students with a meaningful basic introduction to financial accounting
  • To expose students in preparing, communicating and using financial information, and appreciating the need for ethical conduct.
  • To develop lifelong skills and values in the increasingly complex world of business.
  • To equip students with strong fundamentals for future learning.

GCE O-Level POA exam is divided into 2 papers, to be completed within 180 minutes (3 hours) in total:

Paper 1
(1 Hour / 40 marks)
All questions to be answered
(All answers to be done on the Question Booklet provided)
Paper 2
(2 Hours / 60 marks)
Section A: All 3 to 4 questions to be answered
Section B: Answer 1 out of 2 questions
(All answers to be done on separate working sheets provided)

Assessment Objectives For GCE O-Level POA

Students should be able to:

AO1Knowledge and Comprehension:
Identify and comprehend accounting knowledge appropriate to the syllabus.
Select and apply accounting knowledge to various accounting situations.
AO3Analysis and Synthesis
Analyse, interpret, organise and synthesise accounting information.
Interpret and evaluate accounting information to make judgements and recommendations.

Mr. Edmund Ling, POA Tutor

Mr Edmund Ling, an experience full time POA tutor gives you the best assurance of mastering and getting A in GCE N and O-Level Examination.

As an ACCA graduate and Chartered Accountant of Singapore, CA (formerly known as CPA), Mr Edmund Ling has possessed glamorous professional career records and vast teaching and tutoring experiences. He is a keen tutor who can help you solve the issues faced by the students.

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