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As one of the best accounting tutor in Singapore, we specialise in teaching Principles of Accounts tuition for secondary 3 students and students taking GCE N Level and GCE O Level POA examinations.

Latest Updates:

We are very proud to share with u that 100% of our N(A) Level students scored DISTINCTION in the 2019 N-Level POA Exam!

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and above of regular class students scored A1 or A2
of regular class students obtained Top In Level
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of regular class students scored A1
and above of crash class students scored A1 or A2
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and above of regular class students scored A1 or A2
and above of crash class students scored A1 or A2
POA Tuition

30 Years Experience In Delivering Stellar POA Tuition

Subject Prize (Top In School POA) Awarded To Our Students

With almost 30 years of experience in POA tuition industry, we have developed a teaching method that has proven helpful for our students to achieve their goals and even excel beyond expectations.


Reorganised POA syllabus for better understanding

Exclusive learning materials(notes and exercises) specially developed for Best POA's students

Dedication to identify the problems faced by every student regarding the curriculum

Periodic assessments to evaluate the student’s understanding and application of methods learned from our centre

Keep parents updated on the progress of students

Testimonials From Our Students

Harold Tan Photo

Mr Ling has developed my interest in POA. I only joined his class nearing the end of Sec 3. At that time, I did not understand why this is a need to learn this subject or why is this subject so difficult to study. However, after joining his class I suddenly felt POA was very easy and could be one of my best subjects. My grades in Sec 3 were F9s for POA, but within 4 months, by the time… “Harold Tan – Bartley Sec School”

Harold Tan - Bartley Sec School
( F9 to A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
Roan Choo - Photo

POA. Principle of accounts. It was my weakest subject in secondary 3 no matter how hard I tried, I just could not seem to find the correct ways to study POA. At the time I thought:” A pass for POA would be a miracle for me.” and that’s when I found the answer, Mr Ling’s POA tuition. Mr Ling believes in the basics, he believes that we must build a strong foundation of knowledge in order to succeed in POA… “Roan Choo – St. Patrick’s School”

Roan Choo – St. Patrick's School
( F9 to A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
Lim Wen Jing Photo

Dear Mr Ling, Thank you, Mr Ling for your generosity and knowledges. Before I joined Mr Ling’s POA class, I have always gotten F9 for POA. I feel demoralised and wanted to give up POA. To help with my POA, my father brought me to Mr Ling. Initially, I thought that it was impossible to pass, regardless whether I have tuition or not as my basics were very weak. However, after a few months with Mr Ling’s guidance and commitment… “Lim W.J. – Bukit Merah Sec School”

Lim W.J. – Bukit Merah Sec School
( F9 to A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )

Mr. Edmund Ling, POA Tutor

Mr Edmund Ling is a full time accounting tutor with abundant experience in the accounting industry, and close to 30 years of dedicated expertise in POA tutoring.

As an ACCA graduate and chartered Accountant of Singapore, CA (formerly known as CPA), Mr Edmund Ling has under his belt glamorous professional career records and vast teaching experiences. He is a keen tutor who understands the problems faced by POA students and holds the secrets of mastering the subject, giving them the best assurance of achieving distinctions for their GCE ‘N’ and ‘O’-level examinations.

Type of POA Tuition Class

Small Group POA Tuition Class

Mr Edmund Ling's almost 30 years of teaching experiences has proven that small-group tuition (no more than 5 students) can be very efficient and effective. Over 90% of his group students scored Distinctions (A1 or A2) in GCE 'O' and 'N' Level Exams in the past years.

Besides lower tuition fees, the students are given a chance to learn from, and share with one another. Group tuition sessions often allows for interesting discussions of learning with group mates that has proved beneficial for students.

1-on-1 POA Tuition Class

We agree with some parents that certain students may need special dedication and effort for improvement, therefore we do provide 1-on-1 class. Mr Ling rarely provides POA Home Tuition, all classes are conducted at his tuition premises.

POA Tuition Crash Courses & School Holiday Programs

If your child requires intensive preparation for their ‘O’ levels or ‘N’ levels Principles of Accounts (POA) examination 2019, check out our School Holiday Programs or Crash Courses.