POA Tuition trusted by Students & Parents for 30 years

As one of the best POA tuition in Singapore, we specialize in teaching Principles of Accounts (POA) tuition for Sec 3 students and students taking GCE N(A) & O-Level POA examinations over the past 30 years. Thousands of students have since achieved good POA grades which help them pursue their dreamed courses.

Group photo during a best poa tuition session
Joanne Tan

Joanne Tan

(D7 to A1 in 2020 GCE ‘O’ Level)

I have received a drastic improvement within a short span of time. Mr Ling patiently guided me on misconceptions, ensuring that I completely understood the concepts.  During the COVID-19 pandemic period, Mr Ling quickly switched to online classes, He was able to make all his students stay alert throughout lessons, and was efficient in returning marked homework, of which he highlighted the mistakes we made during lessons. Mr Ling’s online classes were just as fruitful and productive as face-to-face classes.

We've produced TOP POA SCHOLARS

Results speak louder than words. Some of our students came to us with F9 grade in POA. After attending our specially curated POA tuition for a year, they came out top in their respective schools, far exceeding the expectations of their school teachers.

Top Scholar for POA Subject<br/>
Gan Eng Seng School</br>
Aakash Ugrasenan (A1)
Top Scholar for POA Subject
Gan Eng Seng School
Aakash Ugrasenan (A1)
Top Scholar for POA Subject<br/>
Orchid Park Sec School<br/>
Ernest Booi (A1)
Top Scholar for POA Subject
Orchid Park Sec School
Ernest Booi (A1)
Top Scholar for POA Subject<br/>
ACS (Barker Road)<br/>Sean Wee (A1)
Top Scholar for POA Subject
ACS (Barker Road)
Sean Wee (A1)

90% of our students score
A, B grades

With the right attitude, our POA tuition has been proven effective in helping students to score well in both N(A)-level and O-level examinations. Our students are well-recognised for the ability to internalise and apply POA concepts to tackle complex questions in examinations without the need to memorise.

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100% of our
under-achieved students
improved by at least
4 grades

Over the last 30 years, our POA Tuition has helped every single student to improve their grades regardless of their background. We believe that every student has the potential to do well with proper guidance from a good POA tutor

2020-NL-Lingesh Compare
2020-OL-Shivani Compare

Nothing beats having the praises of our own students

B.E.S.T POA Tuition teaching system

Our B.E.S.T.
Teaching System
ensures success in
POA Tuition

Our B.E.S.T. teaching system has been specially designed and proven effective & reliable over the years. Under the systematic training, students learn through understanding instead of force memory. They will be more flexible in thoughts, hence able to tackle complex questions and score well in examinations.

Always Current in Syllabus

Every single syllabus and yearly examination trends is analysed by Edmund. The latest are updates to the newest syllabuses 7086 (N-Level) and 7087 (O-Level). We prepare our students to score well.

Effective Teaching Materials

All our POA teaching notes and assessment are meticulously designed to maximise learning and inculcate the ability to tackle complex examination questions.

Individualised Guidance

Everyone learns at a different pace. In order to improve the student’s understanding, we spend the effort to mark all assignments and provide individualised feedback on how they can improve.

Meet the
Best POA Tutor
Mr Edmund Ling

Even after 30 years of POA tuition, Mr Edmund Ling continues to inspire the younger generation in his own way. He hopes that his students can appreciate the life-long value of POA through his teaching and sharing. His goal remains the same: to give every student his best in POA tuition.

One of the
Most Experienced
POA Tutor
in Singapore

As an ACCA graduate and member of Chartered Accountant of Singapore, CA, our POA tutor, Mr Edmund Ling has an illustrious professional career record and vast teaching & tutoring experience in POA Tuition.

2021- ISCA_logo
Mr Edmund Ling Best POA Tutor 2
Mr Edmund Ling with his students

Enhancing POA
Tuition with
Real Life

Being a former senior auditor, accountant, financial analyst and tax consultant, Mr Edmund Ling is always able to spark curiosity in his students by integrating textbook knowledge with real-life professional accounting experiences.

Education through
Motivation and Inspiration

Mr Edmund Ling believes in cultivating interest in learning POA subject. His lessons are always inspirational and motivating through sharing his extensive personal and professional experiences.
Motivated students will “auto” put in efforts to improve themselves.

photo of 3 students doing a victory sign

What Type of
POA Tuition Class
Do You Need?

POA Tuition Class (Small Group)

Small-group tuition is proven to be very cost-effective and time-efficient. Students are given a chance to learn and share with one another.

1-on-1 POA Tuition Class

We understand that some students need more dedicated time to learn POA knowledge. 1-on-1 class will allow a more individualised approach in tackling POA .

POA Tuition Online Class

We now conduct POA Tuition online over video conferencing and e-learning tools. Our online POA tuition classes are just as effective as any face to face lessons.

Crash Courses & Holiday Programs

If your child requires intensive prepration for “O” levels and “N’ levels POA examinations, we offer a targeted approach in strengthening the understanding on POA and aid in revision on every examinable topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accounting is an information system based on generally accepted accounting principles. It involves the recording and processing of business transactions, and communicating the information to stakeholders. Students will be taught the relevant accounting knowledge, skills and values; learn to use both accounting information and non-accounting information related to the business to make decisions.

Principles of Accounts (POA) subject offers not only the general accounting knowledge but also an avenue to broaden students’ future career opportunities in the accountancy or business industries.

POA is NOT a mathematics subject, students are only required to have basic knowledge of arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) to do basic accounting. So, if you are weak in mathematics, you can still manage POA.

Yes, BestPOA online lessons are available now and they are the wiser solution for you. Travelling time is saved for our online students, and concurrently, they are equipped with strong learning materials support. Lesson notes and practice questions, in hardcopies, will be provided to our students instantaneously without delay. In contrast, most home POA tutors may not possess relevant teaching experience and may not have sufficient teaching materials in place due to the mobility restrictions.

Highlights about our BestPOA online lessons:

  • Notes & exercises will be given in hardcopies.
  • All answers from every student will be marked and discussed.
  • Online classes are proven interactive and fun by graduated students.
  • Unique teaching methods and skills allow students to stay focused proven by students and parents.
  • High results effectiveness proven by national exam results and graduated students’ testimonials.

Students who choose to give up the subject is because of their unique “unsolvable” problems with the subject such as, scored badly due to weak foundation, couldn’t get used to the POA teachings in school, didn’t like the school subject teachers, always misunderstood the concepts, couldn’t understand debits & credits and etc.

Mr Edmund Ling empathizes with the students’ problems and he is highly experience in handling these.

To help these students, rebuilding their interest and confidence are our main priorities. Mr Edmund Ling’s B.E.S.T. teaching programme is geared to train every student to build up a profound understanding from foundation, and gradually increase their confidence and interest, and eventually see a leap in the results. Over the years, our B.E.S.T. teaching programme has helped many students, you may see their successful stories in the Testimonials page. Your child could be one of them.

For group classes:            2 – 6 students

Small group classes ensure best focus on students and delivery of effective teaching.

1-on-1 class is not our regular practice. But at times if any student requires additional help, Mr Edmund Ling will arrange a special 1-on-1 class for the needy student.

Yes, it is proven effective. Our over 30 years’ results of maintaining above 90% A and B grades, scored by both N(A) and O Levels POA students, speak for us. On top of that, almost all the school POA Subject Prize Winners (Top POA Scholars) are Mr Edmund Ling’s group class students.

Mr Edmund Ling has his unique communication skill to allow his students to perform in the class and share their experiences which would benefit everyone (including Mr Edmund Ling who learns from them too). Students in the group classes are far more interesting, livelier and usually they would become good friends. The group classes are lively, vocal and productive but NOT noisy.

At times if any student requires additional help, Mr Edmund Ling will arrange a special 1-on-1 class for the needy student.

Besides tuition fees, there is a material fee of $50 per student at the time of registration. Students will be given study materials and a file for better organisation. To reduce the psychological barriers of parents and students, we DO NOT charge any deposits and lock-in fees.

Don’t worry about it. Our main teaching objective is LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND! Sounded like the military?? We have specially-planned lessons for your child to help them keep up with the progress. We literally leave no one behind. We will ensure that every student keeps abreast of the course. They will never, ever feel left out. We have successfully tried out this program for many years and feedback from students is very encouraging.

Yes, there will be make-up class for students who missed the scheduled lessons, subject to the terms and conditions.

It is important to understand that all students MUST BE committed to the learning by presenting themselves according to their schedules. Students are strongly encouraged NOT to miss any lesson to ensure the continuity in learning. From experience, students who miss lessons without making them up will usually have a problem catching up.

Yes, there will be POA crash courses organised during June holidays. It will run for approximately 3 to 4 months. The June school holidays are very crucial to the crash courses students. Students are strongly advised not to leave for vacation during the June holidays if they need the crash course to prepare them for the current year's exam. Students taking crash courses after June school holidays will face much greater stress in coping with the syllabus.

Yes. End-of-Year Intensive Revision Courses that run for 3 to 5 days will be organised every year, for my students in September (for N(A) Level) and in October/November (for O Level) before the GCE N(A) and O Levels POA examinations.

These End-of-Year Intensive Revision Courses will cover the A-to-Z contents in the syllabus. Important topics will be highlighted and practiced in the class. Over the years, these courses have proven to be highly successful and needed by the students. Hence, all students should attend the course to finish off their final lap. This is the very last thing Mr Edmund Ling would like to contribute to your success in learning POA.

This is a very valid question and we thank you for letting us to prove them to you. Many students and parents will write to us after the courses. These are the truest feelings in them (students and parents) in expressing their gratitude towards Mr Edmund Ling’s contributions. Our main intention of showing these testimonials is to give hope to other students who are giving up on their POA studies. Years after years, many students who joined Mr Edmund Ling’s POA tuition class after reading the successful stories by the seniors, have achieved their first-ever POA distinction. If you are still in doubt, we have hardcopies for you to verify. We are truthful and sincere, hoping that these testimonials would help many others.

These testimonials are shown with the students' and parents’ consent, and they are very delighted to share with others that need a helping hand. In fact, we have many more testimonials but due to space constraints, we are unable to publish all of them.

Mr Edmund Ling is very committed to teaching and is very well versed with the MOE syllabus. Being a Chartered Accountant in Singapore and with all the contacts and avenues, he is able to obtain the latest developments in the subject and accountancy profession. He reorganized the whole syllabus to allow his students to understand it easier. He attempted at least past 60 years of examination questions personally, and that allows him to understand the examination questioning style well. He planned and set questions that are highly viable to the learning of POA. He creates a huge question bank for all topics and it is updated periodically to benefit his students. Mr Edmund Ling prepares his students for the exam from Day 1.

He treated all his students like his own children and he is willing to make use of his expertise to help them in the accounting subject. He is a highly qualified Chartered Accountant with years of experience as auditor, accountant, financial analyst and lecturer. His years of work experiences spice up the classes. With his profound understanding in this profession, he is able to deliver his class effectively and efficiently. He is a joyful person who is “young at heart”, hence he is able to communicate very well with his students.

Mr Edmund Ling is not a school teacher but this does not discredit him. Mr Edmund Ling has been an enrichment class lecturer for some schools for years, and has helped the schools to improve their POA exam results. Parents should have heard from their own children the problems they faced in school. Hence teachers and ex-teachers are not a guarantee. The ability to deliver the lessons with understanding is Mr Edmund Ling's key asset. He ensured that his students understood all topics well and never had he forced his students to memorise the work. His students, and their parents trusted him completely. He is highly committed to give his best and BEST POA TUITION is the trustable name.