Tuition Fees

1-to-1 POA Tuition

$60 / Hour

  • For Sec 3, O Level and N Level Students who need special attention.

Group POA Tuition

$45 / Hour

  • Our regular group sessions which have been delivering top results for over 90% of our students.

Flexible Class Schedules

We have flexible class schedules.
Do call us or send in an enquiry to see how we an accommodate your schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum is 5 – 8 students, to ensure all students are taken care of well

Fees are to be paid on or before the first lesson of each month. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

To reduce the psychological barriers of parents and students, we DO NOT charge any deposits, lock-in fees, registration and material fees (for the first set of notes and exercises). Students will be given study materials and a file for better organisation of study materials. All these are free of charge.

It is important to understand that all students MUST BE committed to the learning by presenting themselves according to their schedules. Out of respect to the class and tutor, the student or parents should inform the tutor (with valid reason) at least 2 days in advance. There will be NO makeup arrangement or off-setting of fees paid if the notification is made with fewer than 2 days' notice.

A makeup class would only be arranged in accordance with the availability of lesson schedules. Any fees paid for the absence (with valid reasons) but without any makeup class, will be carried forward to off-set against the tuition fees for the next month.

Once again, students are strongly encouraged NOT to miss any lesson to ensure the continuity in learning. From experience, students who miss lessons without making them up will usually have a problem catching up.

Don’t worry about it. Our main teaching objective is LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND! Sounded like the military?? We have specially-planned lessons for your child to help them keep up with the progress. We literally leave no one behind. We will ensure that every student keeps abreast of the course. They will never, ever feel left out. We have successfully tried out this program for many years and feedback from students is very encouraging.

Yes, we provide a trial lesson, but it is not free trial (a regular tuition fee of $90 per lesson will be charged). This is NOT just a simple face-to-face meeting, Mr Ling will make sure that essential knowledge is learnt in these 2 hours, no matter whether the student will continue with him. The time will not be wasted. This $90 trial fees paid can be used to offset the 1st month of tuition fees if the student decides to enrol into the class within 1 week from the day of the trial lesson.

We believe in commitment. While Mr Ling is very committed in his teaching, we would expect the students and even their parents to be committed too. Honestly, a lesson will not reveal the effectiveness of the lesson but it may help the student to discover whether he or she likes the environment and the teaching style Mr Ling is providing. We are very confident in this as so far we have yet to see any student wanting to drop out after joining Mr Ling’s POA tuition class.

Our almost 30 years’ results of maintaining 100% passes and exceptionally high rate of Distinctions (above 90%) scored by both N and O-Level POA students speak for us. The reason behind all of these successful group classes is NOT simple. Mr Ling has his unique communication skill to allow his students to perform in the class and share their experiences which would benefit everyone (including Mr Ling who learns from them too). Students in the group classes are far more interesting, livelier and usually they would become good friends. The group classes are lively, vocal and productive but NOT noisy.

1-to-1 class is not our regular practice. But at times if any student requires additional help, Mr Ling may consider a special 1-on-1 class for the needy student. Again, we leave no one behind!!

This is a very valid question and we thank you for letting us to prove them to you. Most students and parents will write to us after the courses. These are the truest feelings in them (students and parents) in expressing their gratitude towards Mr Ling’s contributions. Our main intention of showing these testimonials is to give hope to other students who are giving up on POA in their studies. Years after years, there are many students who achieved their first-ever POA distinction after reading the successful stories by the seniors and joined Mr Ling’s POA tuition class. If you are still in doubt, we have hardcopies for you to verify. We are truthful and sincere, hoping that these testimonials would help many others.

These testimonials are shown with the students' and parents’ consent, and they are very delighted to share with others that need a helping hand In fact, we have many more testimonials but due to space constraints, we are unable to publish all of them.

Yes, there will be POA crash courses organised during June holidays. It will run for approximately 3 months. The June school holidays are very crucial to the crash courses. Students are strongly advised not to leave for vacation during the June holidays if they need the crash course to prepare them for the current year's exam.

Yes. Every year End-of-Year Intensive Revision Courses that run for 3 to 5 days will be organised for my students in September (for N-Level) and in October/November (for O-Level) before the GCE N and O-Levels POA examinations.

These End-of-Year Intensive Revision Courses will cover the A-to-Z contents in the syllabus. Important topics will be highlighted and practiced in the class. Over the years, these courses have proven to be highly successful and needed by the students. Hence, all students should attend the course to finish off their final lap. This is the very last thing Mr Ling would like to contribute to your success in learning POA.

No, these End-of-Year Intensive Revision Courses are specially programmed for my students who have attended my POA tuition classes. The course will be designed according to our teachings. It will be conducted very intensely and the speed of coverage will be very fast. It will not benefit you if you are not trained well. The revision class is prepared for students who are ready for it.

Mr Ling is very committed to teaching and is very well versed with the MOE syllabus. He is able to obtain the latest developments in the subject and profession, being a Chartered Accountant in Singapore. He reorganized the whole syllabus to allow his students to understand it easier. He attempted at least past 60 years of examination questions personally, and that allows him to understand the examination questioning style well. He planned and set questions that are highly viable to the learning of POA. He has a huge question bank for all topics and it is updated periodically to benefit his students. Mr Ling prepares his students for the exam from Day 1.

He treated all his students like his own children and he is willing to make use of his expertise to help them in the accounting subject. He is a highly qualified Chartered Accountant with years of experience as auditor, accountant, financial analyst and lecturer. His years of work experiences spice up the classes. With his profound understanding in this profession, he is able to deliver his class effectively and efficiently. He is a joyful person who is “young at heart”, hence he is able to communicate very well with his students.

Mr Ling is not a school teacher but this does not discredit him. Mr Ling has been an enrichment class lecturer for some schools for years, and has helped the schools to improve their POA exam results. Parents should have heard from their own children the problems they faced in school. Hence teachers and ex-teachers are not a guarantee. The ability to deliver the lessons with understanding is Mr Ling's key asset. He ensured that his students understood all topics well and never had he forced his students to memorise the work. His students, and their parents trusted him completely. He is highly committed to give his best and BEST POA TUITION is the trustable name.