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Adeline (Sean’s Mom) – 2017

Mr Ling,

Thank you for your patience and passion in teaching Sean in the last 2 years, since Dec of Sec 2. You had helped him built the foundation, understanding and confidence in POA with your detailed explanations and real-life examples. Without all that, Sean wouldn’t have been amongst the top in his school’s POA exams. Thank you again for being a super tutor!

Adeline (Sean’s Mom) - 2017

Peggy (Harold’s Mom) – 2017

We are grateful for Mr Ling’s patience and guidance in helping my son achieve tremendous progress in his POA. He went for his first POA class in end Sec 3 feeling lost. But he aced his POA in his school Sec 4 Prelim under Mr Ling’s coaching and his own hard work. He was not interested in POA at all but this turn out to be his favourite subject now. Mr Ling has the ‘X’ factor which makes my son do and complete his POA homework. Mr Ling is the best POA teacher, nurturing, dedicated and caring. Thank you, Mr Ling!

Peggy (Harold’s Mom) - 2017

Fiona ( Roan’s Mom) – 2017

Dear Mr Ling,

Truly appreciate all your guidance given to Roan. You have been a very inspirational tutor to Roan. You are able to explain clearly the concepts in accounting which make learning so enjoyable and easy. Thank you once again.

Fiona ( Roan’s Mom) – 2017

Michelle (Gracie’s Mom) – 2017

We appreciate your hard work and patience in helping Gracie to gain understanding in POA concepts. We saw a great difference between learning based on simply memorising and leaning with understanding. Your teachings have instilled in her greater confidence and interests in the subject, as she begins to see that she can do it. Putting her in a class of brighter students, though stressful, had helped her see her weakness and the need to work hard instead of being complacent.

Thank you, Mr Ling!

Michelle (Gracie’s Mom) – 2017

Seetha (Shrriee’s Mom) – 2016

Dear Mr Ling,

I would like to thank you for guiding and coaching my son Shrriee. He has really improve a lot from a pass to a distinction. Let’s hope for the same for his O level. Shrriee has mentioned that you are a best teacher that he has found. Thank you once again. Really appreciate.

Seetha (Shrriee's Mom) - 2016

Ryan (Reshaun’s Dad) – 2016

Hi Mr Ling, Reshaun got a B3 for POA. Thanks for all the help. He really improved and helped his overall grades. From F9 in June to B3 in OL is a real improvement! Thank you!

Ryan (Reshaun's Dad) - 2016

Carolyn (Jun Han’s Mom) – 2016

Thank you Edmund to unveil Jun Han’s potential in his POA study. For Sec 3 to Sec 4 normal exam, Jun Han had dropped POA exam due to no interest. I am glad I have put him in your class. I can see that he is inspired by the teaching and constantly show perseverance and determination towards POA. He even set higher aim for POA O level exam. This has also changed his perception in other weaker subjects which he used to think he cannot make it. The school prelim exam results show that he has improved a lot, and with that, once again, thank you Edmund

Carolyn (Jun Han’s Mom) – 2016

Mrs Lim (Noel’s Mom) – 2014

Thank you Mr Ling for igniting my son’s interest in POA. He has improved tremendously under your expert tutorage, resulting in his confidence in the subject.

Mrs Lim (Noel's Mom) - 2014

Sharon (Bryan Ng’s Mom) – 2013

Thank you Edmund, for your willingness to take in Bryan when he was at the lowest stage of his studies. He scored A2 for his O level and we are very pleased with his result. Thank you once again for your effort and for not giving up on him.

Sharon (Bryan Ng's Mom) – 2013

Angela (Jozua’s Mom) – 2013 – sms 1

Edmund, thank God Jozua was motivated by u & he at first struggled to do yr homework; made efforts to rush to yr class that is 1.5 hrs away……… I was also attracted to yr acs notes. I can also study them:)………….. Glory to God. God bless u, Edmund with GOOD Health, enjoyable teaching career; U deserve a GOOD holilday with yr family.

Angela (Jozua's Mom) – 2013 - sms 1

Angela (Jozua’s Mom) – 2013 – sms 2

Mr Edmund Ling, THANK u very much for helping Jozua to get B3 for Pr of Acs. (Jesus answered my prayers; U are really God sent to help Jozua last min. NO foundation & only 3.5 mths to do 2 years’ studies); GOOD for his results to enable him to apply for polys. Thks a lot. ………… p/s – with yr dedication & care for yr students, u are a Great teacher. Praise the Lord for directing me to know u.

Angela (Jozua's Mom) – 2013 - sms 2

Mr Chua (Benedict Chua’s Dad) – 2012

Congrats, you are fantastic. Ben has improved from F9 to B3 in such a short time. You have encouraged him in other ways as well besides teaching the actual subject matters.

Mr Chua (Benedict Chua's Dad) – 2012

Matilda (Julian’s Mom) – 2012

Earlier on, he did not understand POA at all. He might even have hated it. But now, he can see a way forward and is able to solve the problem, sometimes even better than classmates. I think He finally gets what POA is about. Thank you for not giving up on him.

Matilda (Julian's Mom) – 2012

Mark (Zhi Heng’s Dad) – 2012

Hi Edmund,
I just confirmed my son scored A1 for POA!!! Really happy about it and that will give him confidence to move forward in life.

Many thanks to your effort and I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends’ kids who will be taking POA.

I hope he can get into one of the polys for the Foundation Course.

and thanks again!

Mark (Zhi Heng’s Dad) - 2012

Ms Tan (Yusuf’s Mom) – 2011

Hi Mr Ling, Yusuf has made great improvement under your guidance and achieved A2 for poa. Thanks so much for your patience & time in showing him the way. We appreciate you.

Ms Tan (Yusuf's Mom) – 2011

Julia (Samuel’s Mom) – 2011

Thanks for all the supports given to my sons and we really see the differences before and after the tuitions. Thanks a lot.

Julia (Samuel's Mom) – 2011

Irene (Ivan’s Mom) – 2011

Happy new year Edmund. This is Ivan’s mom and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coaching my boy. He had scored very well, A1. I am grateful. Cheers!

Irene (Ivan's Mom) – 2011

Mrs Lee (Ying Hern’s Mom) – 2011

Thanks for everything you have done for him. It is really amazing that POA turned out to be his best subject as you know it was his weakest subject all along. You really taught him well, thanks again and lastly, Ying Hern has always told me you are a good teacher!

Mrs Lee (Ying Hern's Mom) – 2011

Mrs Yong (Eugene’s Mom) – 2010

Is a relief to see Eugene working so hard and willing to work towards the targets. All credits go to you.

Mrs Yong (Eugene's Mom) - 2010

Mr and Mrs Yong (Eugene’s Parent) – 2010

Hi Edmund, we really appreciate your kindness in taking in Eugene as student. I’ve approached a few tutors before contacting you, but none of them would want to teach him because he has no POA background and the examination was so close. Eugene needed this Humanity subject, we did not pin too much hope and in fact, we expected him to fail the paper. But as a parent, we still hope that miracle would happen. We were so desperate until you are willing to coach him.

We knew he gained a lot from you. Thanks for putting in your effort, conducting extra lessons and showing your care that made him looking forward to attend your lessons. We felt so touched whenever we saw him doing his POA exercises willingly and confidently which never happened before. The credit goes to you. Once again we would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

Mr and Mrs Yong (Eugene's Parent) - 2010

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