Students’ Testimonials

Before you give up, listen to what our students say ......

Harold Tan

Mr Ling has developed my interest in POA. I only joined his class nearing the end of Sec 3. At that time, I did not understand why this is a need to learn this subject or why is this subject so difficult to study. However, after joining his class I suddenly felt POA was very easy and could be one of my best subjects. My grades in Sec 3 were F9s for POA, but within 4 months, by the time Sec 4 CA1, I had gotten B3. This motivated me to work harder and during Prelim 1, I topped the school for POA. This could not have been possible without Mr Ling’s help.

Feedback from Harold’s Mom:

We are grateful for Mr Ling’s patience and guidance in helping my son achieve tremendous progress in his POA. He went for his first POA class in end Sec 3 feeling lost. But he aced his POA in his school Sec 4 Prelim under Mr Ling’s coaching and his own hard work. He was not interested in POA at all but this turn out to be his favourite subject now. Mr Ling has the ‘X’ factor which makes my son do and complete his POA homework. Mr Ling is the best POA teacher, nurturing, dedicated and caring. Thank you, Mr Ling!

Harold Tan - Bartley Sec School
( F9 to A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
Roan Choo

POA. Principle of accounts. It was my weakest subject in secondary 3 no matter how hard I tried, I just could not seem to find the correct ways to study POA. At the time I thought:” A pass for POA would be a miracle for me.” and that’s when I found the answer, Mr Ling’s POA tuition. Mr Ling believes in the basics, he believes that we must build a strong foundation of knowledge in order to succeed in POA or any other subject and I totally agree with his thinking. Through his teachings, I was able to not only pass but score B3 for my Mid-year examinations. His teachings also inspired me to do well in other subjects. Therefore, I would like to thank Mr Ling for all of his teachings and hard work he put into those POA exercise questions.

Feedback from Roan’s Mom:

Dear Mr Ling,

Truly appreciate all your guidance given to Roan. You have been a very inspirational tutor to Roan. You are able to explain clearly the concepts in accounting which make learning so enjoyable and easy. Thank you once again.

Roan Choo – St. Patrick's School
( F9 to A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
Lim Wen Jing

Dear Mr Ling,

Thank you, Mr Ling for your generosity and knowledges. Before I joined Mr Ling’s POA class, I have always gotten F9 for POA. I feel demoralised and wanted to give up POA. To help with my POA, my father brought me to Mr Ling. Initially, I thought that it was impossible to pass, regardless whether I have tuition or not as my basics were very weak. However, after a few months with Mr Ling’s guidance and commitment towards helping me, I was able to achieve more than a pass but an A1, and even emerging as first in cohort in my Prelims. This made me feel empowered and that there’s hope for my O-levels. It has made a difference and I am exceptionally gratefully towards him and having him as my teacher.

JOIN Mr Ling & get a A1 (but give your best and comply with Mr Ling!!)

Lim W.J. – Bukit Merah Sec School
( F9 to A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
Sean Wee

Mr Ling was able to help me understand accounting concepts fully, while making class fun and engaging at the same time. Mr Ling also went the extra mile to show me concepts and practices that are used in the working world to further broaden my horizon so that I would be able to understand the topics better and be able to link the topics together in order to see the big picture and accounting as an entire process. Mr Ling has also helped me to achieve the top position in my cohort twice, and I can confidently say that it would not have been possible without him. Thank you so much for everything Mr Ling!

Feedback from Sean’s Mom:

Mr Ling, thank you for your patience and passion in teaching Sean in the last 2 years. You had helped him built the foundation, understanding and confidence in POA with your detailed explanations and real-life examples. Without all that, Sean wouldn’t have been amongst the top in his school’s POA exams. Thank you again for being a super tutor!

Sean Wee – Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Rd)
( A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
Matthew Chua

Mr Ling’s class took my grade from a F9 to an A1. I really couldn’t have done it without his help. Mr Ling’s classes are extremely interactive and interesting as he would use real life examples. This helped us understand accounting concepts much easier. His teaching method is understand and not memorise which worked wonders so no matter what the question was, I was able to do it. Not only but his notes are extremely comprehensive and if I had forgotten how to do a certain kind of question, a quick revision of the notes and practise questions was all I needed to do the homework he gave to us. Mr Ling’s homework though A LOT is extremely helpful as it has every single possible question which made the O level exam a breeze. Don’t lose hope as I only joined Mr Ling in June in Sec 4 and still managed to get an A1 with Mr Ling’s help. Also, there are free snacks.

Matthew Chua - Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Rd)
( F9 to A1 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )