Callum Yeo - Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Rd) - 2023 1
Callum Yeo - Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Rd)
( Ungraded to A2 in 2023 GCE ‘N’ Level )

Testimonial by: Callum Yeo - Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Rd)

In early 2023, I enrolled in Mr Ling’s tuition classes, coinciding with the commencement of my N level examination year. Having faced consecutive failures in previous exams, my motivation for the subject dwindled. Mr Ling revitalised my interest in POA through his dynamic and captivating lessons.

With only 8 months remaining to my N levels, a sudden realisation dawned upon me – failing POA would jeopardize my overall exam performance. Mr Ling, a perceptive tutor, adjusted his teaching pace to match each student’s understanding of the current topic. His attentiveness and genuine concern for the class was evident, even though his classes online, he surpassed the engagement levels of most onsite tuition classes.

Mr Ling’s teaching extended beyond the conventional, incorporating personal experiences to ease the learning of complex concepts. His multitude of insightful stories during longer classes ensured our sustained attention.

With his unwavering support and effective teaching strategies, i have only Mr Ling to thank for achievement of an A2 in my N levels. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr Ling for his role in my success.

Feedback from Callum’s Mom:

Dear Mr Ling,

We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude for your tutelage. Your dedication and unwavering support have played a crucial role in Callum’s POA. Callum was doing so badly from 2/100 marks. The current school teacher had called me to withdraw him from the class. I’m grateful to have found you through a friend’s recommendation. It was truly amazing. Your ability to breakdown challenging topic, grill the students even on public holidays. it was really unbelievable for me to witness the results. Thank you for going above and beyond to help Callum. We are blessed and fortunate to have known you. Thank you once again.

Callum’s Mom.