Elysha Winter – CHIJ Katong Convent - 2020 1
Elysha Winter – CHIJ Katong Convent
( No Backgraound to A1 in 2020 GCE ‘O’ Level )

Testimonial by: Elysha Winter – CHIJ Katong Convent

Mr Ling’s POA class was always a highlight on Thursdays for me. I took POA outside of school, so Mr Ling was my only POA teacher. He made lessons very engaging by always having a good reason for things, always being supported by an actual “real world” example. This made lessons very easy to understand. His teaching methods and order of the syllabus that I followed made leaning POA simple, and I truly believe that it was the best way to learn the syllabus. Mr Ling is also very flexible and understanding to your needs (as long as you do your part on homework!). When switching to ZOOM lessons because of the COVID-19 pandemic , Mr Ling adapted quickly, and seamlessly switched his lessons over to ZOOM. I felt that there was no difference in the lessons, and the lessons still remained of the same quality! All of my questions could be answered by Mr Ling’s vast and deep knowledge of POA. Mr Ling also cares for the wellbeing of his students. I highly recommend Mr Ling’s classes to all students taking POA. Thank you Mr Ling!