Jabez Ong – Hillgrove Secondary School -2019 1
Jabez Ong – Hillgrove Secondary School
( F9 to A2 in 2019 GCE 'N' Level )

Testimonial by: Jabez Ong – Hillgrove Secondary School

When I first attended POA lessons by Mr Ling, I had little to zero information about POA. After attending a few lessons I was able to start answering POA theories in school and have gathered some confidence in things I know. My only concern now is, if I did not put in enough effort, i may result in breaking his ‘A’ records in N-level. Mr Ling always emphasizes responsibility from homework to even as simple as drawing lines on answer sheets. He will put his 100% to help you understand POA better.

Feedback from Jabez Ong’s Mom:

Ever since Jabez attended the tuition, his result and interest grew. He has more confidence to score well and is not struggling to understand POA. He can understand the topic with interest and has since gained the concepts of accounting. He is also well prepared and is confident that he is able to excel in POA with your help. Your constant ‘pushing’ to ensure what was being taught and retained by giving the homework which he did struggle as he felt that he is only studying one subject. However, your style of helping him to cope with this subject has paid off as he is confident that he can do well for his ‘N’ level.