Varshani - St. Margaret's Sec School - 2023 1
Varshani - St. Margaret's Sec School
( F9 to A2 in 2023 GCE ‘O’ Level )

Testimonial by: Varshani - St. Margaret's Sec School

Mr Ling has been of great support in my POA journey. Before joining, i constantly failed all of my POA WAs and I felt extremely degrading. After joining, Mr Ling helped me slowly build up my foundation and as such i saw gradual improvement in school tests, from consistent F9 to A2.

He uses various teaching methods such as using real life examples and sharing personal experiences as an accountant himself. This has helped me to better understand POA in a bigger context.

Additionally, the group classes have helped me to learn from not only mine but my peers’ mistakes as well.

Apart from academics, his classes have also taught me discipline and time management as he follows a strict deadline for homework submission.

I would like to thank Mr Ling for his constant support and always being there to clarify any doubts. I would highly suggest anyone struggling with POA to join Mr Ling’s class!

Feedback from Varshani’s Mom:

Before joining Mr Ling’s tuition, i recalled the nights my daughter were crying as she did not know how to do her daily POA school homework and assignments.

However after she joined Mr Ling, i could see the confidence she had in subject. She was also always one of the top students in school (Prelim exam and WAs)

I want to thank Mr Ling for helping her in achieving an A2 in O Levels.