Vijay – Bendemeer Sec School -2019 1
Vijay – Bendemeer Sec School
( F9 to A1 in 2018 GCE 'N' Level, A2 in 2019 GCE 'O' Level )

Testimonial by: Vijay – Bendemeer Sec School

When I first entered this tuition, I had no knowledge of Principles of Accounts. I thought that this subject is going to be boring as they are, keep talking about business. But in my first lesson which was on 19th January 2017, Mr Edmund Ling made it interesting for me. He is always prepared to answer questions which I usually ask him. Furthermore, he taught me discipline too. From a naughty student I become a good and hardworking student where I could have the ability to Ace my Principles of Accounts. It was a great journey for me in learning new stuff in a different method. Thank you Mr Ling!