Yeo K.W. - Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Rd)
( A2 in 2017 GCE 'O' Level )
Yeo Kai Wen Photo

I started POA lessons with Mr Ling when I was in Sec 2, moving on to Sec 3. Being excited about learning a new subject. I learnt fast and managed to achieve an A1 in my Sec 3 mid-years. However, complacency got the better of me and I started to not complete my homework and even space-out during tuition lessons. As such, my grades dropped drastically and I was averaging a C6 grade up till my Prelims. Thankfully, Mr Ling noticed this and he really went the extra mile to ensure that I could get back my former standard, even arranging extra lessons, free-of-charge. It is truly due to his hard work and dedication that I managed to achieved an A2 in my O-Levels in 2017. I know I would have done much better if I had listened more in the plant. Thank you, Mr Ling!